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Information is power

We are sure that you will agree with us that the saying "Knowledge is power" can be observed in this broader context.

Are you interested in any of these?

The following table provides some of the questions that large enterprises, institutions and organizations mostly find interesting:

Question Examples

What do present and potential customers think?

Call center work logging, sales executive reports...

How does the management rate the employees?

Employee rating, performance measuring...

What do respondents think about a subject?

Prize poll for Website visitors, membership opinion on some issue...

In what degree are the respondents familiar with something?

English test for employees, computer test for applicants...

What did the co-workers do?

Site or business facility report, current inventory state...

How to solve a problem more easily?

"Problem solver" available as a part of technical support...

Table 1: Useful questions for large enterprise, institution or organization

If you recognize one or more of the questions as "yours", the following passages will certainly be useful to you.

How to get an answer easily?

Using the Survey module in Omega HR Office suite.

Your demands

Before creating Omega HR, a research was conducted among representative business and institutions on how they imagined an ideal data gathering. Different departments participated in the research: Human resources, marketing, PR, retail, supervision, etc, and this is the short list of their wishes:

"I want the software itself create a survey and send it, have all the employees respond, and results should be on my desk in 2 hours."

This demand is slightly unrealistic, but it is a good illustration of the executive's way of thinking, which is shared by many users.

"We need report and analysis from 50 locations in Serbia within three hours"

Again, time is an important factor.

"Our managing director has the idea that at least 20,000 consumers should vote and  select a new packaging. We are interested in doing it immediately before he gets an even better idea."

We understood this as a requirement of the system to quickly communicate with the large number of respondents.

The End Result

The following picture shows the logical scheme of the Survey module:

And here is a brief description of other elements:


Respondents are in a database; they can be your employees, customers, etc. Records about the name, last name, email, department and any other category important to you are kept for each of them. The forms are filled out through the Internet, using an Internet browser. In addition, completely anonymous users (outside the database) can participate in the survey, e.g. your Website visitors.


Notifications are distributed through email, and they can be invitations for filling out the forms, reminders, orders for report delivery, etc. You can determine the contents and send them out to respondents completely on your own.


The form can also be easily customized to your needs. All the standard question types, scoring, branching, etc. are available to you. Publishing surveys, tests and other kinds of the form is also simple and fully under your control.

Graphic themes

Graphic themes can easily be created and attached to forms, which determines their appearance. For example, you can use one theme for internal surveys, and the other for the surveys intended for Website visitors, etc.

Response database

The responses that you collect are placed in a unique database, which makes their analysis significantly easier. You can export them to MS Excel format suitable for Pivot table analysis.


Users can be from different company departments, and each group can have a completely separate database of respondents, forms and responses. In this way, each department can fully customize the system to its requirements.

Brief usage example

Here is how you can easily conduct the survey process:

  1. Preparation: Selecting the target group, e.g. the employees in Human Resources department, decide the type of form and make questions.
  2. Distribution: With a few mouse clicks, you filter the list of respondents using Human Resources department as the criterion, and send them the invitation to take the survey by email.
  3. Collecting: Employees receive an email containing the invitation and link to the survey. Clicking the link opens Internet browser. The employees then fill out the survey, which immediately writes the responses to the database.
  4. Analysis: With several clicks, you can filter and sort the collected responses, view them in batches or export to Excel spreadsheet, and then analyze them in a Pivot table, draw conclusions, etc.

What next?

If you need the full Office HR suite or some of the suite modules, we will be very pleased to enable you to try it out completely and free of charge, of course.

How to try Omega HR Office suite for free?

Contact us at info@omega.rs or by telephone 011 30 34 353.

We will create trial user accounts on Omega's server that will enable you to try out the features listed above during 30 days. During the period, we will be available for any additional questions.

If you think that there is still something missing

You may find that another new functionality would be necessary for the Omega HR Office suite to completely meet your specific demands. Or you believe that the system offers more than you need. Contact us anyway. Your opinion is more than welcome, and we can probably find a good solution.

Price and usage

Omega HR Office suite and all components (Recruitment, Survey, employee development tracking modules) are rented for 12 months. During the time, Omega takes all the necessary actions so that you can use the applications without any additional expenses or activities (e.g. no need to involve your IT department, etc.). The following items are available:

Rental expenses depend on multiple factors, for example if you use all or some of the suite modules, if you want additional customizations, etc. Therefore, we can give you the official proposal after we clearly and accurately agree on all the elements that affect it.


Try Omega HR Office
for free

Contact us at info@omegahroffice.com or by telephone (416) 904-2256.

We will create trial user accounts on Omega's server that will enable you to try out the features listed above during 30 days. During the period, we will be available for any additional questions.


Some of our references include

Coca-Cola Hellenic

Holcim Serbia   Adecco

Victoria Group   Erste bank

PharmaSwiss   Idea

Jatheon   AIESEC

What do the users say?

"Omega HR Office is the software that makes the work significantly easier because it reduces the time needed for "physical" work and enables you to engage in the essence of your work with more quality."

Srdjan Babic
Idea, HR Director

"We use Omega HR Recruiter since 2011. and we used it to significantly speed up the process of finding the right applicants."

Jasna Jovanovic
Holcim, HR Business Partner Manager

Data security


Omega HR Office modules are hosted on reliable Rackspace servers based in US. More information on physical and operations security provided by Rackspace can be found here.


To further raise security level all the data (regarding applicants, client recruitment activities and so on) is stored in encrypted form.
Also, communication among users (administrators, moderators, guests) and Omega HR Office is protected by SSL protocol and the certificates that are used are signed by an authorized certification body.