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You agree that a picture is worth a 1000 words?

Employee development module helps you in getting a clearer image about the Human Resources department state more easily and quickly.

What is the purpose of the module?

In brief, this part of the suite enables you to have a clear image of the employees, activities performed and expenses, as well as correlations at any time. For example, when you write a half-year report, in 5 seconds you get the data about the people from the Sales department who attended a seminar and the cost of organization per person (travel, accommodation, training...). Or, you can review the results of all surveys about the seminar quality in January, print the appropriate charts, etc all in 5 seconds.

This is practically achieved by logically connecting the employees with their activities and the expenses of the activities.

Therefore, you can more easily and efficiently:

  1. Follow the employee development.
  2. Schedule activities and expenses of Human Resources department.

Here is a brief description of some of the module pages:


The "Employees" page is intended for detailed overview of employees and running certain operations on the data.

Examples: Entering the employees and certain activities (for example, training activity), sending circular notifications by email, viewing employee profile, etc. Individual employees are logically connected to certain activities, as necessary, for example. 10 employees are "entered" into a training activity.

Above the table showing the employees, there are filters that can be used for separating a subset. For example, showing only the employees that attended an external training during the first 6 months of this year, and that are coming from a certain organizational unit and are currently holding a position.


The Activities page is intended for keeping records and tracking individual activities of the Human Resources department, such as: trainings (internal and external), employee scholarships, visiting retail stores, employee transportation, accommodation, etc.

Practice has shown that usage of the Activities module significantly reduces the time needed for writing reports about Human Resources department work because the activities recorded can very quickly exported to Excel format or printed. Once exported to an Excel table, the data can be simply used for creating charts that can later be used in PowerPoint presentations, for example.

Users enter individual activities on this page and define the following: activity type (training, visit...), activity place and time, person in charge, brief description.

After entering the activities and connecting them to appropriate people and accounts, you can easily obtain all the necessary reports and comparisons: activity cost per employee, total cost per employee, activity type overview (e.g. training), etc.


The Cost page contains the invoices of the Human Resources department. Costs can be logically connected to specific activities. In this way, an indirect connection is established between the costs and employees, their department, positions, etc.

Here you can write scheduled and unrealized costs. Scheduling is simplified in this way. Also, the costs can be grouped according to different criteria (e.g. invoice issuer, cost type, etc.).


On this page, by filling out different types of surveys (questionnaires), you can keep records of the important information, and then analyze or graphically represent them, as necessary. You can determine the questionnaire contents by yourself, and achieve complete customization to you specific requirements.

One of the possible examples includes keeping records of seminar attendees satisfaction. In this way, you can track external training quality and schedule more easily.

Another common example is keeping records of the employee work rating, given by the direct supervisor. Using these questionnaires, you can, for example, separate the highest rated people, the ones suggested for advancement, additional training, etc.

What next?

If you need the full Office HR suite or some of the suite modules, we will be very pleased to enable you to try it out completely and free of charge, of course.

How to try Omega HR Office suite for free?

Contact us at info@omega.rs or by telephone 011 30 34 353.

We will create trial user accounts on Omega's server that will enable you to try out the features listed above during 30 days. During the period, we will be available for any additional questions.

If you think that there is still something missing

You may find that another new functionality would be necessary for the Omega HR Office suite to completely meet your specific demands. Or you believe that the system offers more than you need. Contact us anyway. Your opinion is more than welcome, and we can probably find a good solution.

Price and usage

Omega HR Office suite and all components (Recruitment, Survey, employee development tracking modules) are rented for 12 months. During the time, Omega takes all the necessary actions so that you can use the applications without any additional expenses or activities (e.g. no need to involve your IT department, etc.). The following items are available:

Rental expenses depend on multiple factors, for example if you use all or some of the suite modules, if you want additional customizations, etc. Therefore, we can give you the official proposal after we clearly and accurately agree on all the elements that affect it.

Try Omega HR Office
for free

Contact us at info@omegahroffice.com or by telephone (416) 904-2256.

We will create trial user accounts on Omega's server that will enable you to try out the features listed above during 30 days. During the period, we will be available for any additional questions.


Some of our references include

Coca-Cola Hellenic

Holcim Serbia   Adecco

Victoria Group   Erste bank

PharmaSwiss   Idea

Jatheon   AIESEC

What do the users say?

"Omega HR Office is the software that makes the work significantly easier because it reduces the time needed for "physical" work and enables you to engage in the essence of your work with more quality."

Srdjan Babic
Idea, HR Director

"We use Omega HR Recruiter since 2011. and we used it to significantly speed up the process of finding the right applicants."

Jasna Jovanovic
Holcim, HR Business Partner Manager

Data security


Omega HR Office modules are hosted on reliable Rackspace servers based in US. More information on physical and operations security provided by Rackspace can be found here.


To further raise security level all the data (regarding applicants, client recruitment activities and so on) is stored in encrypted form.
Also, communication among users (administrators, moderators, guests) and Omega HR Office is protected by SSL protocol and the certificates that are used are signed by an authorized certification body.